Crafted for Innovation, Scaling Prominent Blockchains

Centcex is engaged in the development and scaling of Bitgert, BNB Chain, opBNB, and Ethereum with decentralized applications.

Creating #DApps for the Rapidly Expanding Ecosystem

Portfolio Tracker
Centcex's portfolio offers users the ability to effortlessly monitor and manage their diverse range of cryptocurrency assets
Launchpad (Coming soon)
Centcex's launchpad empowers developers to host token sales, airdrops, and free token distributions. Additionally, users have the opportunity to claim free tokens through staking Centcex tokens.


Centcex is the hub for developers who are constructing #DApps for the rapidly expanding blockchain ecosystem

Decentralised Apps
Applications built on Blockchain technology in a decentralized manner
Exchanges with decentralized and hybrid models
Staking Programs
Delivering an exceptional staking program to our users
Building User Base
Developing an extensive user community for expanding blockchains

Our Journey Ahead

The progress and updates we have made to date

May 2022

Stage 01

  • Bitgert Official Partnership Announcements
  • Staking Program Partnerships
  • Staking Programs Launch
  • NFT Contracts Platform Market Research
Jul 2022

Stage 02

  • NFT Contracts Platform U/I Release
  • NFT Contracts Platform Alpha Testing
  • TIER-2 Exchange Listings
Mar 2024

Stage 04

  • Launchpad U/I release
  • Launchpad Partnerships
  • Launchpad Launch TestNet
Sep 2022

Stage 03

  • NFT Contracts Platform TestNet/Mainnet Release
  • Portfolio Tracker U/I Release
  • Portfolio Tracker TestNet Release (Web)
  • Portfolio Tracker Testnet Release (Android)
  • Portfolio Tracker MainNet Release (Web & Android)
  • TIER-1 Exchange Listings
  • Roadmap V2
Apr 2024

Stage 05

  • Launchpad MainNet Launch
  • Launchpad Partnerships
  • Exchange Listings
  • CENX launch on ETH network
Jul 2024

Stage 06

  • Onboard New Projects
  • Partnerships & Collaborations

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