Designed To Innovate, Scale Bitgert Ecosystem

Centcex is a Development Partner of Bitgert, Developing & Scaling Bitgert Chain with Decentralized Applications


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Developing #DApps For The Fastest Growing Ecosystem

Centcex labs to develop a decentralized exchange for Bitgert Chain with startup studio projects backed by Bitgert
Centcex to offer multiple staking platforms with several partnerships
Centcex Labs is a program, which develop dapps for Bitgert ecosystem


Centcex is the home of developers, Building #DApps for Bitgert Ecosystem

Decentralised Apps
Decentralised applications built on Blockchain technology

Decentralized and Hybrid Exchanges

Staking Programs
Providing the best staking program to our users

Building User Base
Building a large userbase for Bitgert Ecosystem


We plan to complete the roadmap within 120 business days

May 2022

Stage 01

  • Bitgert Official Partnership Announcements
  • DEX Development Research
  • DEX Development Partnership
  • Staking Program Partnerships
  • Staking Programs Launch
  • NFT Contracts Platform Market Research

Jul 2022

Stage 02

  • DEX U/I Release
  • DEX Alpha Testing
  • DEX TestNet Release
  • NFT Contracts Platform U/I Release
  • NFT Contracts Platform Alpha Testing
  • DEX MainNet Release
  • TIER-2 Exchange Listings

Sep 2022

Stage 03

  • NFT Contracts Platform TestNet/Mainnet Release
  • Portfolio Tracker U/I Release
  • Portfolio Tracker TestNet Release (Web)
  • Portfolio Tracker Testnet Release (Android)
  • Portfolio Tracker MainNet Release (Web & Android)
  • TIER-1 Exchange Listings
  • Roadmap V2

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